Sunday, April 1, 2007

Flickr Picture Story Assignment--Picture chosen: Spirit Warrior 3

Spirit Warrior 3, originally uploaded by ༺lifemage༻.

This picture brings to mind so many images, so many memories. First, it is beautifully composed and makes wonderful use of the early morning light from the rising sun and the haze (from the pollution). The photographer took this in Shanghai, which is a place I would love to visit. A few of my friends live there, but I have not yet made it to Shanghai. I will one day, though.

The people in this picture look to me to be practicing Tai Chi, which I often saw people doing in the parks in Taipei and Hong Kong. Larger groups would practice in the early, early mornings (perhaps as in this photo), because there was some positive, natural energy they can tap into at this hour.

Actually, here is a resource ( that explains it as such: "The silent tranquility of the morning is the perfect time to practice this martial art, which is derived from Taoism. Taoists were originally expected to seek solitude and confinement, in order to avoid distraction and obtain the discipline required for enlightenment."

I have always been so impressed by the calm, slow movements, the tranquility and the peacefulness of the Tai Chi sessions in the park. As a westerner, I find it is hard for me to be so still. The slow, balanced movements seen in this beautiful photo are an art form and require fantastic (physical) balance. In the turmoil and chaos of the highly populated cities prevalent in Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Japan, seeing people create their own private spaces and places and finding a peaceful center within themselves is no small feat! It is inspiring to behold.

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Dr. Wayne E. Wright said...

Very nice find, and great comments. I loved watching large groups of people (usually older people) in the parks and at temple sites doing Tai-Chi in the morning. I got some good video footage and some photos of this.