Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Class reflection

This class has been a wonderful resource for inspirational and innovative ideas for CALL and for using the latest technology for our ESL classes. Dr. Wright has been so dynamic in finding a variety of resources and a wealth of ideas that we can easily use in the classroom.

All of us in this class have been excited and intrigued about the technology we are using, and the variety of activities we are learning about that can help our ELLs (whether adult learners or students in K-12). I like that we are looking at and discussing collaborative projects and action research. I feel challenged to incorporate so many of these ideas into the classroom, when I return to teaching. The most obvious ideas that I can see being incredibly helpful and useful are the blogs (for reading reflections, online journal writing, or collaboration with other groups/students/classes, etc.), creating a research project that can be published as a Wiki (www.wikipedia.com or www.wikispaces.com or even www.wikihow.com), and the www.Flickr.com photos as endless resource for visuals and writing prompts. I have been a fan of using Webquests in the past, and now I am super eager to get the chance to teach using some of these other tools, not as the foundation of a language class, but as excellent, innovative, and effective support for our classes.

I am intrigued by podcasting, but I have learned that it is not as easy as it looks. In the future I hope to have more time to develop fabulous podcasts for ELLs around the world, but for now, I'm just proud that we have created our simple one!

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