Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What do people think of Americans???

This is a video I found on , and it is a Real English MPG lesson. Their website is
They have a whole series, and a lot of similar videos are posted on You Tube.

It's in an interview format, and takes place in England. The interviewer asks people what they think about Americans. APPARENTLY WE ARE LOUD!!! And generous and overly confident and friendly. I would have to agree with that. Of course, there are other comments as well, but it is good to hear from people in other countries.

Watch and tell me...what do you think Americans* are like??

*By "Americans," they--and I--mean people from the United States. I know we share a continent with many beautiful people from many interesting countries. I'm just taking their lead here; I am not being ethnocentric.

Credits: This video was added to on January 02, 2007
From realdogswimming

Then, I saw this one--an ESL/EFL video posted in response to the video above.
She uses this video and a similar one about "What are the British like?" to create a lesson on adjectives. Then she goes into a bit on U.S. Football, then back to the adjectives lesson. It's very simple and cute. It's very interesting how she used the previous video for her lesson! I look forward to creating something like these videos for our podcasts/videos that we are making for our final project.
Watch it now:

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Dr. Wayne E. Wright said...

I never realized how LOUD we Americans are!

Note to self: Talk softer to British friends. :-)